Thursday, June 14, 2012

CHEAP Dollar Store Jewelry Organizer!

Maybe I'm the only one!?! I don't know. I've had a jewelry box for years but in the last few years Ive collected costume jewelry, I've had no where to store it with out it getting tangled up into a HUGE mess of necklace. Then I would never wear it often because it wasn't easy to see or coordinate with my outfits.
I was on a hunt for a wall mounted jewelry organizer where all my necklaces, bracelets and rings would be easily displayed and most importantly...NOT TANGLED!!!
As I looked & looked I found some jewelry displays online that I liked and would work BUT they were pretty spendy. I didn't want to pay $75 to display my jewelry. I'd rather spend $75 ON jewelry.

Then I found these accordion hooks at the Dollar Tree. AHHHHH...I LOVE DOLLAR TREE! They were well within my budget of what I wanted to spend. I bought 6 of them. Then I went to Staples and bought a roll of  Command Double Sided tape. I hung them on the back of my sliding closet doors.

I was so happy when it fit ALL my jewelry PERFECTLY!! All my necklaces, bracelets & rings are now on these hooks. So I see all my jewelry displayed as I get dressed in the morning. Let me tell you, that makes all the difference!! I wear jewelry WAY more often now. I kept my earrings in my jewelry box but even that is more functional now that it only houses my earrings and all the other clutter is gone.
I know, I know, they are NOT as cute as some of the adorable jewelry hangers you see on Pinterest or Etsy. BUT it is functional and it was cheap!! With the accordion hooks and the tape the total cost was about $12!! SCREAMING DEAL!! AND I love it!!!


  1. Fantastic idea for hanging your jewelries! Who needs those expensive jewelry boxes when you have that!

    More power to your blog:-)

  2. I love. It what. A fab idea

  3. Great idea! You've helped me with an idea. I think I will buy some and spray paint them in the colors coordinating with my bedroom decor and hang them on a bare wall. Thanks!

  4. I saw this while looking for tank top organizers. I'm going to borrow the idea for my tank tops! I already have my jewelry hanging in my closet in a see through organizer.