Monday, January 30, 2012

"Women of Value:The Treasure Within" New Beginnings

Many months ago, (back when we were planning our "Daughter of a King" YWIE) my presidency and I stumbled upon these paintings/prints of women from the scriptures. The paintings are so beautiful that we wanted an evening that focused just on these women from the scriptures.
"Women of Value:The Treasures Within" New Beginnings theme was born.
We decided that we would write a program that focused on the 8 different YW values and then tell the story about each of these women. That was easier said than done. I started writing the program and a writer I am not!! So after only writing the story of Hannah for the value of FAITH (4 hours=4 paragraphs)...I gave up!!
My second counselor, the LOVELY and WELL VERSED Jamie Peiper, volunteered to finish it for me. She did an AMAZING job writing a program.
With the permission of Jamie, I've attached the program for anyone else who'd like to use these paintings for their New Beginnings or YWIE. Thought we'd try to save others some time. She did such a wonderful job on it, that it really should be used again.
I began the program by talking about "earthly treasures" vs "spiritual treasures." When we gain a testimony of each value, we are literally laying up our treasures in heaven. We then had one YW read the story for each value. (so 8 YW participate) It was FAB-U-LOUS!
 We kept it simple...YES that's right...I did my best to keep it simple!! We really wanted to art to be the focus of the evening.
So here is a look.
We framed all the prints in large frames borrowed from our YW leaders.
Then in a smaller black frame labeled each picture with the name of the value & the name of the women.
 We bought fresh flowers in each value color and put them in a vase next to the pictures. We gave these flowers to the 11 yr. old that will be advancing into YW this year when we recognized them.
In the center of it all, we framed a beautiful picture of the temple. I found this site where you can download and print these photos of various temples.
Thank you to Mindy Evans Photography for providing this phenomenal photos to all of us who are always online looking for them :) you know you can never have too many pics of the temple when you serve in YW.
we served homemade cheesecake and had 8 different sauces for people to top the cheesecake with. One sauce in each value color, of course.
Our toppings we used wereFaith: White ChocolateDivine Nature: Blueberry syrupIndividual Worth: Strawberry SyrupKnowledge: KiwiChoice & Accountability: PeachGood Works: PineappleIntegrity: Blackberries
Virtue: Butterscotch
We made a small box for each YW to take home with her. We filled it with choc. treasures. 8 in each box. One wrapped in each of the value colors and labeled with the value sticker. So, so, so cute!! And CHEAP!! Less that $1 a girl. Plus, the girls always love it when the handout has something to do with food.
Good Luck to all who haven't yet done their New Beginnings program.
Hope this helps someone!!