Monday, January 3, 2011

2011 Mutual Theme

The new theme for 2011 LDS mutual is the 13th Article of Faith. I think it is a great theme and am excited to teach it to the girls throughout the year. Every Sunday for opening excersises we have a tile with the years theme on it that we set up for the girls to see. I JUST got done finishing the one with the new theme and am very excited about it so I had to share.

2011 YW Birthday Gifts

Ever since I've been in YW (almost 3 years now) the birthday gifts to the girls has been a candy bar that they get to pick out of a basket. So for 2011, it was time to change it up.

I looked and looked for something cute for girls but in expensive...of course. Went to Bath & Body Works, Target, Walmart, & Michaels with NO LUCK!! I was getting frustrated & running out of time till I stumbled on some cute glycerin soaps that were on Christmas clearance. They were only .49 each...can't beat that.
So I grabbed as many as I could & then put a tag on each one with the corrolating value for that color of soap. Tied a bow and then put it in a cute jar that I got from Walmart.
I think the finish product turned out cute...