Tuesday, April 17, 2012

3D Easter Specimen Art

I found these adorable tiny eggs at the Dollar Tree (12pk for $1). I really liked them but wasn't sure what to do with them. So I cut them in half and made this specimen art. So cute, easy and it cost me less than $1. 

Monday, April 16, 2012

CARS Birthday

Believe it or not, my baby just turned 3 yesterday!! We celebrated on Saturday with Hayes very first friends birthday party. We had to make it a cars birthday (of course), since Hayes is obsessed with all things that have tires.
Of course we had to do the car party in the garage. It only seemed fitting. I had SUCH a great time putting stuff together goodie, games and decorating for it.
Here are the invites that we handed out to all Hayes friends...

 Each ticket was on a lanyard so that they could wear it to the party if they wanted to.
I decorated 95% of it from the Dollar Tree. The only items I bought else where were the scrapbook paper (Hobby Lobby), checkered flags, cupcake liners & napkins (Hobby Lobby) & balloons (Walmart). Seriously...EVERYTHING else came from the Dollar Tree or I already had it :) Now that's the way to throw a party...CHEAP!!
Thanks so much to my friend Holly for cutting out my triangle for the pennant flags (both large & small on over the cupcakes) on her cricket!!
I looked EVERYWHERE for CARS water bottles for each of the kids to take home but couldn't find them. So...these kool-aid jammers were going to have to work. And they did. I added a small piece of paper around each one.

Eating Table & Place Settings
For the juice bottles on the table, I also added the "Rust-eze" label.
As the kiddos arrived, we took their pics in the go-cart. We really wanted to take them for rides. But try as we might, we could NOT get the darn thing fixed before the party. Oh Well...
Then onto GAMES...
Luigi's Casa Della Tires
Stacking small chocolate donuts the winner is whoever can stack the most.

Pin the tooth on Mater
Ramone's Body Shop. Where each kiddo got a cars tattoo.
Guido's Tire Toss. Bean Bag toss into the tire inter tubes.
Believe it or not...I found EVERYTHING in this goodie bags @ the dollar tree. Some of the items were 4 or 6 to a pack!! Even the CARS action figures were found there!!
Each kiddo was sent home with their own personalized goodie bag along with a small gold piston cup.
It was a great 3rd birthday for Hayes!!

Saturday, April 14, 2012

It may run in the family??

So...has anyone ever said this to you?? Sometimes when people are describing me, to me, I wonder if it's a compliment or an insult & I have yet to figure it out. Yes, I'm a perfectionist in certain aspects of my life. Especially in my calling at church, decorating, & entertaining. But I ENJOY doing these things! It's actually relaxing to me.
However, last month I had an epiphany. We were at my parents on a Sunday night (which is our normal tradition) with my brother & his family. We were celebrating my nephew, Jax's 3rd birthday. When my brother pulled THIS out of the fridge.
He spent 3 hours and hand drew this picture of Lighting McQueen on my nephews birthday cake.
Don't get me wrong...I'm NOT insulting him!! Quite the opposite...he did a pretty AMAZING job free handing this picture.
But I was very glad to see that it's not just me who would spend an outrageous amount of time perfecting something like this. I'm pretty sure that it runs in the family.
Love you Kev!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Happy St. Patty's Day

OK-I KNOW...I am so far behind with my posts. Well at least a month behind.
It's been just about a month since St. Patty's day, but I wanted to post what I did for my boys. The holiday just happened to fall on a Saturday this year, which made it super fun.
I found these adorable St. Patty's plates at 99cent store.
Also found these Lucky Charms Bars there. Just added the free printable tag I found online.
Found these small buckets @ the Dollar Tree. Filled them with Rolo's & added the tag.
I found an adorable St. Patty's treasure hunt online HERE. Printed it out, then filled small organza bags with gold chocolate coins (one for each boy) for them to find as the treasure!

 Easy Peasy & my kids LOVED it all.