Friday, October 14, 2011

Daughter of a King YWIE

I have been blessed in my life to have 4 busy, busy boys. I've recently been blessed to have added 25 surrogate daughters as well. 
MOST my girls wearing their tiara's they were crowned with
Right after I was called as YW Pres. in my ward, my presidency and I started planning our YW in Excellence.  After LOTS & LOTS of prayer, we chose "Daughter of a King" as our theme. We had given a challenge to the YW at the beginning on 2011 to complete an entire value in Personal Progress. Which I am proud to say, ALL COMPLETED! (Unless they were new to our ward or new to YW).
We had each YW decorate a table about herself and the value she completed. We place those tables around the entirs culteral hall. We gave each YW a silver framed picture of the temple with her name on it to use as a nameplate for her table.
Then we had each girl present the table that evening. They ended their presentation by saying..."My name is _________________ and I'm a Daughter of God."
Talk about inspiring!!

They were then walked up to the stage (by one of the YW who has  already earned her medallion), where they sat in a HUGE throne, were crowned with a tiara (again they were crowned by a YW who's already received her medallion).  & awarded with stickers and bookmark ribbons in ALL the values they've completed while in YW.
The tiaras decorated the front of the stage
The evening turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I am blessed to work with inspired and hard working women that helped pull it all together. I'm also grateful & so humbled to be serving such an AMAZING group of YW.
Thanks to Rachel, for the pictures. I TOTALLY forgot my camera...AGAIN!!

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Oh what do you do when it's conference time...

I LOVE General Conference weekend. The talks are always so uplifting and seem to be exactly what I need to hear. So what do you do while your listening to conference? I used to just lay around on the couch but then realized that made it REALLY hard to stay awake. So the last 2 years (4 conferences), I've done little projects during conference. Crafting is relaxing to me and it's the perfect way to keep my bum in one spot long enough to listen to a session.
So what did I work on...
Well I started by pulling out my Halloween decorations.
I'm in the midst of changing my living room decor so my Halloween decorations from last year that had lots of orange in them, had to be re-vamped.
So I changed everything for my living room to JUST black & white.
I re-wrapped my white candles that adorn my coffee table. I also re-cut my boys names in white vinyl to change their cauldrons that sit atop my piano. Lastly, I found a adorable free Halloween printable that I found on Eighteen25. I attached it to black card stock and just cut it to fit in the frame that ALWAYS sits on my piano.
Easy Peasy & free-sy!!
Next I made Halloween magnets for my chalkboard & my fridge.
I made them to match my fall "To-Do" list. Am I the only one who must have a different "To-Do" pad for every season??  
THEN I cut some new vinyl for my Halloween plates.
Got the idea for the skull on
(her's is WAY cuter than mine. but it's not to shabby for just working with what I got!!
The bird was a free printable that I found on pinterest.
Its from a blog called bloominghomestead.
I have wanted to make a Halloween wreath for YEARS!! I've NEVER gotten around to it because I've never found anything that I liked.
This year...thanks to my new addiction *pinterest*, I found lots of cute yet spooky Halloween wreaths that I LOVED.
Here's what I came up with...
Don't know why but this year I am LOVING the crow thing??
Good luck with your Halloween Decor :)
Happy Haunting.