Sunday, November 27, 2011

Visiting Teacher's "Get Well" Gift

I just have to tell you that I have the most adorable Visiting Teachers. They are just both so darn cute!!
Last week, they scheduled appointments with me twice, trying to get into visit me for the month of November. Both times I had to cancel on them because the baby was sick. You see when they come, it's fun for us to visit and catch up...but they also bring their little ones and our kids have a blast playing together while we chat. Since my baby was so sick...I didn't want them to bring their kids over and spread the "love" (or germs) to their kids & families, the week before Thanksgiving.
So instead of a normal visit...they just did a quick drop by and dropped off this little goody.
 A "get well soon" basket for Hayes!! ADORABLE!!
If you know Hayes at all, you know that he is OBSESSED with any type of motor vehicle. (and OBSESSED may be an understatement). The little basket had a matchbox car, a car coloring book & some cookies...JUST FOR HAYES!!
What a great idea!!!
Thanks Necia & Kristen for being so thoughtful!! Hayes LOVED your little gift...and so did I!!


I so, so far behind with posts!! this one will be just pics & not much writting.
Here is our food spread that we had when I had my family over for pumpkin carving the day before Halloween. The cousins had so much fun together!!!
Grammy made vampire mouths out of apples & almonds.
 I usually put strawberry jello in my skeleton heads BUT my kids have informed me that the jello was GROSS!! So this year, I used the head as salsa cups. The kids liked those much better.
Used a small pie pumpkin for our ranch dip.
Grammy brought Rice Krispie pumpkins with tootsie roll stems.
They were adorable.
Aunt Marisa made cute Halloween cupcakes as well...don't know why I didn't get a picture of those??