Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patriarchal Blessing Handouts

Sunday I had a lesson on Patriarchal Blessings for the Mia Maids. I found this adorable idea on of how to start the lesson (LOVE THAT SITE!!).
To start the lesson I had all my Mia Maids take off their shoes and put them in a big basket. I then had the girls close their eyes and had each one of them pull out 2 shoes from the basket. It was hilarious. Some of them got shoes that were to big or small, some of them had 2 left shoes or 2 rights, & none of the girls had a matching pair. I made the girls TRY to put on the shoes that they chose and then related this to a patriarchal each blessing is made to fit ONLY US. The girls thought it was a fun activity and it kept their attention for the remainder of the lesson. I gave them a small flip-flop key chain to go with the activity at the beginning of the lesson.

Spa Night

Last Wednesday, my Mia Maids wanted to do a spa night for our mutual activity. It was so fun!! All the girls brought supplies to share: fingernail polish, nail polish remover & other various items. I set up our activity in 3 stations. We had a table for manicures, a table for facials & and a couple chairs with foot baths with bath salts for pedicures. I also brought a CD player with piano music and played it while we had our activity...just like the music you'd hear at a spa.  
I am a little weird about sharing nail supplies so I made a spa bag for each of the girls. Each of the bags had everything that she'd need for the evening. I found small mani-pedi pouches at the dollar store filled with all toe separators, fingernail cutters, fingernail file, cuticle stick, & nail file. They came in really fun colors too!!
For the facials, I put in a face cleansing cloth (for them to wash their face before facial), a sponge brush (for them to apply facial masks), 2 cucumbers for their eyes, washcloth to clean their face after facial (found 2 for $1). I put all the items into a lunch sack that matched the mani/pedi pouches. The whole "spa bag" only cost me $1.50 a girl. The girls LOVED them!! It made the night even more fun that they had all their own supplies, plus a goodie bag they got to take home.

Friday, June 11, 2010

An excuse to Entertain...

As most of you know, I have been blessed with 4 boys. Which does not give me very many opportunities to set a fun, girly, table scape.
Last night we had a dinner as our YW board. We were welcoming 3 new women who were just called to serve with us as well and say goodbye to Chalece, the YW secretary, who is moving next week.
So we celebrated with a "fondue frenzy" dinner. I set the table with my black & white toppers (which it seems are becoming a staple anytime I entertain). Then used my white dinner wear for each course. We used the small dessert sized plates for appetizers, (cheese course), our bowls for our salad course & then the large dinner plates for our dessert course (chocolate fountain). The dinner was de-lish!! Thanks to everyone for bringing items to dip. 

I put simple lemons in my milk glass bowl as a centerpiece and yellow roses down the  middle of the table. My favorite part of the dinner were the adorable yellow and white napkins, which I found at target 2 for $1, and the water goblets, which I monogrammed with each girls first name initial and used as a place card as well as there drink & a favor for each person to take home.
It was so fun to get together, eat great food and learn more about each other. It was also fun getting to set a table that girls would appreciate!! Thanks for the great evening girls!!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Fun & Easy Birthday Gesture

Years and years ago, when I was in YW, I can specifically remember those leaders who personally remembered & recognized my birthday. I know that is weird but honestly, if you are with these girls 2 x a week for 2 years, it's nice to take them a little token on their birthday. We do recognize our YW the Sunday before or after there birthday during the opening exercises of YW but I wanted to do something small for each of them that I could deliver to them at home on their birthday.
Well, the other day I was at the dollar store for something else...(what else is new...I'm always at the dollar store for something) and I came across these cute little purses. I know they are cheap BUT they are perfect for the YW to use as scripture bags or make up bags when they go to camp. Anyway, I picked them up for each of my girls that have a birthday in the next year. I fill it with whatever their favorite snack is and deliver it to them at their house on their birthday. It's a very small token but I think it's kind of fun.