Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Valentine Ideas

I am so, so far behind!! I have so many things to post and update, I'm not really sure where to begin. Soooo...since the next holiday to come upon us is Valentines Day, I thought I would show you what I did last year for Valentines Gifts. 
It's always a challenge for me to come up with creative *NEW* holiday handouts for my Young Women. Last year I was inspired one day while at .99 ONLY store shopping for something else. 
I found boxes of fortune cookies. There were a dozen in each box for $1!! SCORE! 
{SIDE NOTE...and YES, by the way, I do buy groceries at .99 ONLY.  I have 2 rules when buying food there. #1) it has to be name brand products. #2) Check expiration dates.}
Anyway...I have A LOT of girls to make hand outs for (I usually make 30), so the cheaper the better.
I then bought some of the red & pink chocolate for candy making & dipped just 1/2 the fortune cookie in chocolate. Add a few sprinkles and viola...SO. DANG. CUTE! and YUMMY!
I already had these adorable Valentine Chinese take out boxes in my bin of valentines those were free.  

I put a little bit of red paper shreds in the bottom of each box and then filled each box with 3 cookies. 

They turned out SUPER cute and very YUMMY!! Both my YW and my boys LOVED getting them for Valentines. 
Happy Hearts Day!


Hi All!!
I've had LOTS of requests for some of my blank invites & tags for New Beginnings and Young Women in Excellence. I am attaching the ones that I have made. I don't feel comfortable attaching any that we've used with other people images, photography or downloads. So...I'm just going to post the ones I've made myself, from scratch.
Just click on the picture, once it opens right click on it and select "Save Picture As." Then, once you've downloaded it to you computer, you can add your own text to it via Photo shop (or any photo editing software you may use).


"Taste the Rainbow" NEW BEGINNINGS
 ~blank tag~
 ~text for programs~

YW Christmas Party