Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Spa Night

Last Wednesday, my Mia Maids wanted to do a spa night for our mutual activity. It was so fun!! All the girls brought supplies to share: fingernail polish, nail polish remover & other various items. I set up our activity in 3 stations. We had a table for manicures, a table for facials & and a couple chairs with foot baths with bath salts for pedicures. I also brought a CD player with piano music and played it while we had our activity...just like the music you'd hear at a spa.  
I am a little weird about sharing nail supplies so I made a spa bag for each of the girls. Each of the bags had everything that she'd need for the evening. I found small mani-pedi pouches at the dollar store filled with all toe separators, fingernail cutters, fingernail file, cuticle stick, & nail file. They came in really fun colors too!!
For the facials, I put in a face cleansing cloth (for them to wash their face before facial), a sponge brush (for them to apply facial masks), 2 cucumbers for their eyes, washcloth to clean their face after facial (found 2 for $1). I put all the items into a lunch sack that matched the mani/pedi pouches. The whole "spa bag" only cost me $1.50 a girl. The girls LOVED them!! It made the night even more fun that they had all their own supplies, plus a goodie bag they got to take home.

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  1. Cute!! That sounds fun. My friend was just called to Mia Maid advisor so I am going to tell her to check out your ideas! :)