Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Patriarchal Blessing Handouts

Sunday I had a lesson on Patriarchal Blessings for the Mia Maids. I found this adorable idea on of how to start the lesson (LOVE THAT SITE!!).
To start the lesson I had all my Mia Maids take off their shoes and put them in a big basket. I then had the girls close their eyes and had each one of them pull out 2 shoes from the basket. It was hilarious. Some of them got shoes that were to big or small, some of them had 2 left shoes or 2 rights, & none of the girls had a matching pair. I made the girls TRY to put on the shoes that they chose and then related this to a patriarchal each blessing is made to fit ONLY US. The girls thought it was a fun activity and it kept their attention for the remainder of the lesson. I gave them a small flip-flop key chain to go with the activity at the beginning of the lesson.

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  1. I love this idea!! Where did you the flip flop key chains??