Monday, September 30, 2013

Boys Rooms Re-Do

For my boys birthdays this year, I decided it was time to re-do their bedrooms. My oldest boys have been sharing a room for 11 years. It was time that they each got their own space. Plus...I needed an excuse to decorate.Don't really have lots of time to write out all the details but I at least wanted to get the pictures up.
I started in the boys bathroom.
Here are the before pictures...

It was cute...but way to juvenile for my 2 older boys who were getting ready to turn 13 and 11. it needed to be just a little more grown up.
So here are the after pics...

It turned out just as I had pictured. I still want to paint the cabinets but I will...eventually...


  1. Where can I find the sign you have behind the toilet? And the darling basket for wash cloths on the counter top?

    1. Hi! I made the sign with a wood board and my vinyl maker. The white tub on the counter is from IKEA and then I just cut "WASH" in vinyl.

  2. Where did you get the yellow letter from? Also the tissue holder?