Sunday, February 10, 2013

My *FIRST* Reception

Because I could go on and on...I'm going to TRY to keep the words to a minimum. Let me start by saying that back in October, I decided (after MUCH coaxing from friends, thought & consideration) to start hiring out my services as a "consult" for weddings & home decor. I LOVE to do this anyway, so why not?!
Anyway, my first *OFFICIAL* reception was for a YW who I have known since she was about 10. She happened to be one of my YW, babysat my kids, helped me as a youth consult for LDS prom...and now she was getting MARRIED!?! {it was a moment when I realized I was getting old}. So I was HONORED to help out!! Here are the pics of how it turned out.

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  1. Your blog is awesome! I'm going to link to it from mine today and highlight just a few of your GREAT ideas!