Monday, January 7, 2013

Girls Camp Bishops Gift

Every year for Girls Camp, on Bishops Night, we present our Bishop with a gift from the YW. 2012 just happened to be the 100th year of camp. So my adorable camp director {Amy Evans}, who also just happens to be our Bishop's niece had the thought of having our YW and YW leaders fill a book of 100 things we LOVE about Bishop.
She cut scrapbook paper to 4x6 size and we filled a small photo book with notes to Bishop. I then looked up online, other things that were celebrating their 100th birthday in 2012 & we filled a galvanized bucket (that I found at Goodwill for $3) with treats for Bishop & his family.
FYI-Things that turned 100 were, the state of AZ (gave a postcard & small cactus), Lifesavers candy, OREO's, Cracker Jacks (gave a 3 pack for our Bishops triplets), & the Japanese Cherry trees in Wash D.C. (gave Japanese Cherry Blossom lotion & hand soap for Bishops wife).
The basket turned out SUPER cute!! It was a great way to give our Bishop a little Thank you for all his service.

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