Wednesday, June 6, 2012

"Your Future is BRIGHT" YW Grad dinner

It's that time of year...GRADUATION!!
I had 7 young women at church who were graduating from high school this year.
With the suggestion of one of my Laurel advisers,
we decided to host a graduation dinner for these sweet YW.
Our theme for the night was "Your Future is BRIGHT." To tie in the 2012 mutual theme of "Arise and Shine Forth." We decorated with YELLOW, YELLOW & more YELLOW.
We invited all the laurels, the entire YW presidency, the laurel advisers, the entire RS presidency,
& the Bishop.
We began the evening by having each of the younger laurels spotlight one of the graduates. It was really cute to see the girls spotlight each other.
For dinner we served chicken Caesar salad, rolls & fresh fruit kabobs.
Lemonade & water for drinks. Lemon cake for dessert. It was all YUMMY!!

After dinner, we turned the time of to the RS pres. who welcomed the YW into RS. She talked a little bit about the RS organization. Then presented them all with a RS manual, the new RS book 'Sisters in my Kingdom," a bookmark & some chocolate. The YW really liked it.

We then had all the YW leaders stand up and each give a bit of advice to the YW. The advice given was collected in advance that we put into a book that each YW could take home that night.
Then the Bishop presented each YW with their Laurel certificate for finishing YW.

To complete the night, we gave each graduate an "off to college" basket that were put together with contributions from all the YW leaders. Each leader contributed one or two items they bought for a dollar or less to help fill the baskets.
Each basket contained:
Laundry bag, flip flops, air freshener, antibac hand sanitizer, bleach wipes, ear plugs, book lights, first aid kit, sewing kits, sleep masks, face microfiber cloths, advice book & Top Ramen.
They turned out so dang cute!!
For the rest of the YW- we made these ADORABLE light bulb favors. Found these at Hobby Lobby 50% off-making them .71 each. Then we added lemon heads to each & tied them up with ribbon and a tag.
It was such a fun night. We will defiantly have to make it a tradition each year for the graduating YW.
I am going to miss this group of girls SO much!! They are all beautiful and amazing YW!! Best of luck to them all and they head of into the world.

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