Friday, March 2, 2012

Wedding Day

Since July, I've known that one of my bestest friends in the whole wide world was GETTING MARRIED!! There are a handful of girlfriends in my life who (behind RJ) know everything about me...but Em is one of those people. Which is kind of scary that she knows me that will and has still stuck by my CrAzY after all these years.
So I was thrilled that I had the opportunity to help with the wedding.
I offered to have the wedding at my house. Although my house is small & simple...I was happy to host. Emily's sister was going to be in charge of flowers & her Mom, in charge of the food. Which left me with ONLY decorations to cover! (squeal...MY FAVE!!!) The instructions that I got from Emily was to keep it simple! The ceremony was family only-Small and intimate, and I think she wanted the decore to match. I did my best to try!
I asked for help from a mutual friend, Holly Moore. She is one of the most creative women that I know! For the last month or so, Holly & I have had a great time researching decoration online & bouncing ideas back and forth until we decided on every last detail.
Here's what we came up with...
This framed 'M' hung on the front door.
As guests arrived they had a chance to write notes to the happy couple on the entry way table in a small notebook I found at Ross.
I personalized the book by adding their name & wedding date in vinyl on the binding.
The table was decorated with a framed copy of their invite.
A small black sofa table adorned the hallway for guests to leave their gifts.
 Decorated with a lantern, small bundle of flowers & a custom wedding tile.
 One of my favorite details of the decorations were the small pearl buttons we attached to many of the decorations. So CUTE!!
 Hanging over the table in front of the den doors, was a printed version of Dean & Emily's "Love Story." So guests could read about their courtship.
The back patio was decorated with another sofa table & black park bench.
Even my outside sconces got a make over for the wedding. A quick coat of black paint, vase from the dollar tree and flowers.
 The table was filled with pictures of the Bride & Groom from when they were younger. As well as one large pic of them together.
 I edited the childhood pictures to be black and white with small touches of blue in each one. For Example:
(Aren't they so darn cute!! I mean Emily & Dean.)

We also filled a couple small milk glass vases with blue candy...just to add some more blue to that table.
Found small wedding bubbles on sale at Hobby lobby 50 for $5.00 so I HAD to buy them!!
Added a small tag with initials and wedding date that matched the wedding tile I made them :)
30 freshly painted black wedding chairs faced a small white drapery backdrop framed in with a topiary tree & lantern on each side of it.
Large lanterns and white rose pedals decorated the aisle
 The backdrop did great until about 10 minutes before the ceremony started, when it blew over twice!! UGH!! I'm grateful for a hubby who quickly put it back together and made sure it didn't do it again by moving 2 HUGE pots behind it to brace it.
After the ceremony, we had a light lunch before the happy couple left for their honeymoon.
  Don't forget dessert...
 Instead of cake, Emily ordered cupcakes which were made by one of my beautiful Beehives. They were DE-LISH!! Not to mention beautiful.
 We served those on monogrammed paper plates.
(small round table outside)
 We decorated 4 tables that guests could eat at. 3 outside and 1 inside. All had black table clothes and a B&W table runner on them. The table scape was a lantern centerpiece filled with a blue candle, 2 cylinder vases (wrapped with ribbon & filled with flowers), 2 small mercury vases (with a small baby's breath arrangement), & 4 small glass votive holders (that I had decorated with vinyl-either and 'M' or a Fleur dE lis).
Because of the wind and the cold, most everyone ate inside. But the tables looked beautiful anyhow :)
Inside Kitchen table
I really LOVE to make my bathroom match any event I have at my house.
Decorating is all in the little details...I've gathered a few pics of things that Holly and I made/created for the wedding that I LOVED!! Little things that probably no one else even noticed but I love to do.
Matching tags for all the food.
 Well Wishes sign with small jewel as the i dot.
 Vases wrapped with ribbon & jewel
 Vinyl on all of the glass votive holders
 Large candles in lanterns wrapped with ribbon and jewel
 Homemade mercury glass vases (yes!! I did them)
 Vases & flowers wrapped with ribbon and intricate paper
 Home made cupcake stands made out of my milk glass platters and glass candle stick holders. Then ribbon weaved through the edges...soooo cute!!
Tile tied with ribbon & jewel.
Congrats to the happy couple, Dean and Emily! So excited for both of you.
Thanks for the chance to help with your important day.

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