Friday, October 14, 2011

Daughter of a King YWIE

I have been blessed in my life to have 4 busy, busy boys. I've recently been blessed to have added 25 surrogate daughters as well. 
MOST my girls wearing their tiara's they were crowned with
Right after I was called as YW Pres. in my ward, my presidency and I started planning our YW in Excellence.  After LOTS & LOTS of prayer, we chose "Daughter of a King" as our theme. We had given a challenge to the YW at the beginning on 2011 to complete an entire value in Personal Progress. Which I am proud to say, ALL COMPLETED! (Unless they were new to our ward or new to YW).
We had each YW decorate a table about herself and the value she completed. We place those tables around the entirs culteral hall. We gave each YW a silver framed picture of the temple with her name on it to use as a nameplate for her table.
Then we had each girl present the table that evening. They ended their presentation by saying..."My name is _________________ and I'm a Daughter of God."
Talk about inspiring!!

They were then walked up to the stage (by one of the YW who has  already earned her medallion), where they sat in a HUGE throne, were crowned with a tiara (again they were crowned by a YW who's already received her medallion).  & awarded with stickers and bookmark ribbons in ALL the values they've completed while in YW.
The tiaras decorated the front of the stage
The evening turned out BEAUTIFUL!! I am blessed to work with inspired and hard working women that helped pull it all together. I'm also grateful & so humbled to be serving such an AMAZING group of YW.
Thanks to Rachel, for the pictures. I TOTALLY forgot my camera...AGAIN!!


  1. Hi There, this is our theme for ywie also. Can I ask where you got the crowns? They are really nice. Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. This is the cutest Daughter of a King art I can find on Pinterest. Is there any way to print this? Do you have a copy you could send. I would be happy to pay you for it. thanks!

    1. Hi Bryan!! I found the crowns at They were pretty reasonably priced too!! That was a few years ago though. Hope you can find them.

  3. This is the cutest idea! Where did you find the crowns?