Monday, April 18, 2011

Easy Easter Countdown

This year, I wanted to do something special for my boys to get ready for Easter. Somehow, the real reason for the holiday, Our Savior and the miraculous gift of the resurrection, always gets lost in the holiday shuffle at our house. I don't know why?!? But every year, when Easter is over, I always wonder if my boys understood the true meaning of the holiday between the easter eggs & baskets. Christmas isn't like this but Easter is.
So I wanted to have something we could do as a family to talk about the real reason we celebrate easter. So I went a hunting...and I had found this DARLING countdown online...
However, I wanted to fill the eggs with more than just candy. I wanted to fill them with something that would pull the spiritual side of Easter into our countdown.
And I found it!! This great "spiritual" Easter Countdown
This countdown has a scripture for each day (starting 12 days prior to Easter) and a small item or "token" that coorilates with that scripture. I filled my eggs with 4 of each "token", so that each day, ALL 4 of my boys got a "token" to keep, to help them remember the scripture.
 Everyday, my boys have been begging to do the countdown. They've taken turns reading the scripture and passing out the "tokens." After reading each scripture, we talk about that scripture and it's meaning so that I know my boys understand it & how it pertains to the Easter Story & Easter's true meaning. I displayed my eggs on a cupcake tree in my kitchen so it was close and easy to access everyday.

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