Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Teacher Gifts

Oh where to begin on my new "craft blog?" There is so much I want to post. I guess I will just start with some crafts that are relevant to this time of year. My boys get out of school this week. So last week I started panicing when I realized I hadn't thought of any teacher gifts yet??
I emailed my good friend Ang, who gave me the adorable idea below...
(photo from the blog mymixofsix)
An adorable vase with teachers name on front (in vinyl) filled with pencils. A cute and functional gift for teachers...who always need pencils on their desk.But when I asked my boys what they wanted to give their teachers, they came up with the idea of making their teachers beaded bracelets (which I am totally into right now) in their school colors. They will give it to their teachers on the last Wednesday of school. Every wednesday at our school is "spirit day" so all are encouraged to wear school colors. I thought it was a fabulous idea. So that is what I did. I added a cute tag that reads "Thanks for helping PARKER to shine" and tied it to the organza bag.
I thought it was a pretty creative gift for my boys to come up with. I made the personalized cookie jars for my boys teachers a couple of years ago. I found the jar at Walmart on clearance for $9.00. Then added the teachers name in vinyl. I think they turned out ADORABLE!! One last teacher gift idea that I have done in the past are personalized candles. I have done candles the the phrease "TEACHER-Touches a life forever" on it but I have also done candles with just their monogrammed initial. I like them both...However, with just the monogrammed intial candle, your teacher can take it home and enjoy it.

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